Some of Our Most Popular Party Themes:

Superhero Party

-Superhero Induction Ceremony (Includes Cape For Birthday Boy/Girl)
-Themed Tattoos and Stickers
-Superhero Mask- Arts & Crafts
-Help Serve Cake

Princess Party

-Coronation Ceremony (Includes Tiara For        Birthday Girl)
-Nails & Makeup
-Princess Etiquette
-Help Serve Cake

Fashionista Party

-Fashion Accessories To Wear During Party (Boas, Tiaras, Jewelry, etc)
-Nails, Makeup, Themed Tattoos, Colored Hair Chalk (optional)
-Fashion Show
-Help Serve Cake

Fashion Packages

Add Ons:
Replace One Staff Member For Character - $30 per hour
Additional Character - $60 per hour
Additional Young Guests - $5 per child
Backdrop For Fashion Show - $50
Photographer - $75 per hour
Both Backdrop AND Photographer - $100

All Parties & Events Require a 50% Non-refundable Deposit At The Time Of Booking

All Spa & Makeover Packages come with two staff members. One staff member may be replaced by one character, but you may not replace both. 

**All fashion accessories must be returned to the assistants at the end of our visit

1 Hour

1 Hour 30 Minutes

-Tea Party (We bring the drinks!)
-Etiquette Lesson
Fashionista Package
Includes All Beauty Package Activities PLUS
Beauty Package
 -Up To 15 Young Guests 
 -Fashion Accessories For Guests To Wear During Party  **
-Nails & Makeup
-Temporary Tattoos
-Fashion Show
-Sing Happy Birthday/Help Serve Cake

Ultimate Diva Package
Includes All Fashionista Package Activities PLUS

2 Hours 

-Arts & Crafts